Do Add-On Rewards increase my Kickstarter pledge?

No, buying Add-On Rewards does not change your pledge or reward level on Kickstarter! 

When you contribute for an Add-On Reward here on, it's just like a store where you can get additional reward items "a la carte." So, whatever you contribute for Add-On Rewards will count toward our Final Goal of raising $3MM to save the Vault, and to make the doc and a companion book... but it won't change your pledge level on Kickstarter, qualify you for additional rewards listed in higher pledge levels, or make you an official Kickstarter Backer.

For example, if you choose "TRACK 100" ($100) on Kickstarter, and then select $150 of Add-On Rewards here on, your Kickstarter Pledge will still only be $100, so you'll get all of the rewards listed in the $100 package plus whatever Add-On Rewards you selected here. Your Kickstarter pledge will not be upgraded to the $250 reward level.

If you want the rewards included in a higher pledge package, you'll need to increase your pledge on Kickstarter to the higher reward level or purchase the individual rewards you want as Add-Ons here on, if they're available.

Do Add-Ons help us reach the Kickstarter goals?

Yes!  Whatever you contribute for Add-On Rewards will count toward the goal of raising $3MM, which would be enough to preserve a lot of the Vault, finish the doc and publish a companion book. 

However, if you only buy Add-On Rewards, you won't be counted as an official Kickstarter Backer – so even if you just want Add-On Rewards, we suggest pledging at least $1 on Kickstarter. That way, you'll be part of the official Kickstarter, and you'll receive all of our exclusive Backer Updates from the Vault.

When will you send my Add-Ons?

Most of the Add-On Rewards will be shipped sometime between July and October 2016.

However, this is just an estimate, and as with all Kickstarters, it could change for a lot of reasons.

For more specific timing on individual Add-On Rewards and Kickstarter pledge rewards, take a look at our ESTIMATED REWARD SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

When will you charge me for my Add-Ons?

If you contribute for Add-On Rewards, your credit card will be billed immediately

This is different than pledging for rewards on Kickstarter, where your pledge is never billed until the Kickstarter campaign ends. (So, you'll be charged for your Kickstarter Pledge on April 8 or 9, 2016.)