Aren't there a bunch of
Frank Zappa docs already?

There are, but not like this one. I love the handful of movies that are out there by and about Frank. ROXY THE MOVIE, for example. Or the great doc made up of only existing footage of Frank thank premiered at Sundance just this year.

(It's called Eat That Question: Zappa in His Own Words, and you should definitely check it out.)

Frank was an extremely prolific artist with a lot to say, and there is plenty of room in the world for insightful takes on his life. But, there has actually never been a film that tells the full story of Frank, from cradle to grave, with full support from the Zappa family, and, most importantly, with full access to everything Frank left behind. That's why this one's a first — and, I think, a must.

How will this Zappa doc
be different than the others?

Take a look at the longer introduction I wrote on the ABOUT page.

That should cover it!

What makes you think you can
make the definitive Zappa doc?

Take a look at the longer introduction I wrote on the ABOUT page.

That should cover this one, too.