When will all of the rewards be sent out?

We've got a complete schedule of when we expect to send out all rewards: Check it out.

In general, our plan is to send Kickstarter and Add-On Rewards in two main batches:

We hope to start sending the first batch of rewards within a year – EARLY 2017 or sooner – we'll send everything we can send before the movie itself is finished. That means t-shirts, posters, mystery bags, and most Add-On Rewards.

Then, once the movie is finished -- which will probably be A FEW YEARS FROM NOW! – we'll send out all of the movie-specific rewards, like digital downloads, DVDs and Blu-rays, soundtrack albums, etc.

When will you collect shipping charges?

After the campaign ends, we'll send you a REWARD ORDER FORM where you can give us all of the information we need: your mailing address, t-shirt sizes, and any other details we need.

When we do, we'll also calculate exact shipping costs based on the rewards you've chosen and where we need to send them. That way, you don't pay more than you have to, and Kickstarter doesn't collect a fee on your shipping expenses.

It's a win/win!

How do I ask questions about the T-SHIRT reward?

Here are a few of the most important answers people have already asked about:


  • Available in XS - 2XL. 
  • Sizes 3X - 5X available for a small additional fee.


  • After the campaign ends, we'll send you a Reward Order Form. 
  • You'll fill it out, giving us all the details we need, including your shirt size.

Will backers get the doc before anyone else?

This is always really tricky, especially for independent films that are hoping to get distributed in theaters, where a lot of people will be able to discover the movie without looking for it.

For now, we don't know where –- or how — the finished movie will be released, so there's no way for us to GUARANTEE that our backers will get to see it before the rest of the world. We'd LOVE to be able to promise that, because we BELIEVE you deserve to see it first, if it’s possible! But this is how indie film works: if we want to get distributed, that might not be our decision to make.

Here's what we CAN promise: if your rewards include copies of the finished movie (as downloads or DVD/Blu-ray), we'll make sure you get it as soon as it's available to own.

That means that if the movie gets released in theaters — or gets picked up by a distributor like HBO or Netflix – we might not be allowed to offer downloads or DVDs for a specific period of time. If that happens, we’ll look for a way to make sure you can at least SEE the movie as soon as it’s available to watch, but we might not be able to offer the downloads or DVDs until it’s available for sale.

But listen: I’m deeply involved in — and passionate about — the question of how content should be distributed in the digital age, and I believe fans have rights. So please believe me: I REALLY want to get this to you as early as we can. I’ll do everything I can to make that happen.

What happens to the doc-related rewards if the Kickstarter funds are being used to save the Vault?

Good question, but there’s nothing to worry about!

Even though we’ll be using all of the funds from the Kickstarter to handle work related to saving the Vault, as far as I’m concerned, that’s just step one to making the doc. It will take longer to finish the movie than it would have if we’d raised everything we need during the campaign, since we’ll need to get additional funding from investors. But we always knew that was a strong possibility, and trust us: the movie will get made regardless.

So, even though it'll take longer, we promise that we'll keep you posted every step of the way, and you’ll still receive ALL of the rewards included with your pledge (e.g. PRODUCER titles, tickets to the VIP PREMIERE, a PRIVATE SCREENING in your local theater, etc) as soon as the movie is finished.

How do I get my ZAPPA FOR PRESIDENT stickers?
How will you know I voted?

This one is pretty simple:

  1. Vote in your Presidential primaries!
  2. Be sure to get a photo at the polling location or some other kind of proof you were there.
  3. After our Kickstarter ends, we'll send you a Reward Order Form, to get the details we need to send your pledge rewards (like your address, t-shirt size, etc).
  4. When we do, you’ll tell us if you voted in your primaries and send us the photo.
  5. We’ll send you free stickers with your reward!

PLEASE NOTE: This bonus reward is free to all backers who vote in the primaries, but backers who are not receiving ANY other physical rewards (TRACK 10, TRACK 25) will need to pay ~$1 later on, to cover the cost of shipping.

If you don’t live inside the USA and still want stickers, we’ll offer them as an Add-On Reward for a small fee! Stay tuned.

TRACK 20K: what will be in the TRUNK OF FRANK'S STUFF?

Since each TRUNK OF FRANK'S STUFF will have different original items in it, we can't promise specific items that will be in each of the trunks. But we can give you a hint of the kinds of stuff we've been finding, that the ZFT have given us permission to offer:

  • Used equipment, tape decks. etc from FZ's tours and recording studio
  • Original paperwork and fan mail from FZ's office
  • Used cabling from the UMRK (used to record his actual albums!)
  • Original test pressing and artwork comps from albums
  • Unsold, vintage copies of albums, tapes and merch that FZ sold on tour

We're still discovering more stuff and working with the ZFT to determine what we can offer, but whatever you get, we'll also include a signed letter from Joe "Vaultmeister" Travers, giving you some more historical background on the specific items in your trunk.

(Honestly, I think I'm probably going to get one of these for myself.)