Want to do even more to help
save the Vault and get Frank's story told?


Here are four ways to help spread the word to
in your own community.

1. INTERNET IT: Post on social media! 

Let all your friends and family know about us by posting this on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever:

We have a chance to help @zappamovie #SaveTheVault & make the ultimate Frank Zappa doc—Get involved (& be rewarded!) whoisfrankzappa.com

We've also got a ton of sweet Zappa gifs and graphics you could share on any social media channel of your choice. Those graphics are HERE.

And, last option: fly your freak flag high on Facebook and Twitter — You can use graphics these as your social media banners while the campaign is going. Just download ‘em here and upload 'em to your social profiles:

2. PAINT THE TOWN: Hang up some flyers!

Not everyone’s web-savvy, but eye-catching flyers around your neighborhood, your favorite local hangout, your town's best record stores - even your supermarket - will spread the word to like-minded FZ fans in the real world. Download this, print it out, and hang it up!!!  Here's the link:

3. MAKE THE CALL: Pick up the phone!

Who are the five people in your life and your community who love music the most? A friend? A teacher? A local venue owner or radio DJ? Give them a shout, let them know about Who The F*@% is Frank Zappa, and explain how they can help! If you don’t know where to start, here’s a suggestion:

Say hello, introduce yourself, and give this a go:

I’m calling to let you know about a Kickstarter campaign that’s happening right now to help preserve Frank Zappa’s private archives and make the definitive documentary about his life.

Frank is one of the most influential, prolific, and frankly, INTERESTING artists of the 20th Century, but his story has never properly been told.

Filmmaker Alex Winter (yeah, that dude from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) is the first person ever to be given full access by the Zappa family to Frank’s Vault of thousands of hours of unexplored material, and he’s asking fans to help make it happen... In exchange for some really amazing Kickstarter rewards. 

I’m calling YOU because I feel like you would appreciate this, and I didn’t want you to miss the chance to chip in. We only have until April 8! Will you check it out at whoisfrankzappa.com?

4. TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Host a listening party!

For those of you die-hard Zappa freaks who want to do everything you can to make sure we save the Vault, make the doc, the book, the app — all of it — how about hosting a Zappa listening party for friends and fellow freaks in your neighborhood? 

Encourage everyone to back the project right there at the event, or even pool your money and nab some higher level rewards. All you have to do is invite people over before April 8 (or ON April 8 for the final countdown)! We have a couple of ideas about how you can pull this off in the best way:


  1. Find a space. It can be in your home, at a local coffee shop, your favorite record store, wherever you are comfortable and can get permission!
  2. Invite 10-20 friends and local music fans who would love FZ's music.
  3. Tell us about it! If enough fans plan these, we'll make a list of official Zappa listening parties and help you get the word out via social media.


  1. Bring snacks + your favorite Zappa albums.
  2. Collect a donation at the door if you want to give as a group, or set up a computer and ask people pledge individually to the Kickstarter during the party!
  3. Send a pic to us at @ZappaMovie on Facebook or Twitter — We’ll send you a shout-out!
  4. Kick back, enjoy the tunes, and have a ball. Music is the best!